EnKF Workshop 2021


The International EnKF Workshop 2021
June 07-11, 2021
Free online event (no registration fee)

The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) and its many variants have been proven effective for data assimilation in large models, including those in atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, and petroleum reservoir systems. By bringing together technical experts, practitioners, researchers and students for presentations and informal interchange of information, we aim to share research results and suggest important challenges that have yet to be addressed. Read more here.

EnKF Workshop 2021 is arranged by NORCE Energy in collaboration with the Nansen Center (NERSC) and Equinor.  Due to the pandemic situation, the workshop will take place as an online event.

Invited speakers:
Alberto Carrassi, University of Reading, UK. "Data assimilation in chaotic systems: from dynamically-based to data-driven approaches"
Sarah Dance, University of Reading, UK. "Observation uncertainty in data assimilation"
Moha Gharamti, UCAR, USA. "Data assimilation in hydrology and streamflow forecasting"
Elias D. Niño-Ruiz, Universidad del Norte, Colombia. "Ensemble based data assimilation via a modified Cholesky decomposition"
Markus F. Dregi, Equinor, Norway. "Ensemble based reservoir management for the people"

Scientific committee: Xiaodong Luo (xluo@norceresearch.no), Geir Evensen (geev@norceresearch.no), Dean Oliver (dean.oliver@norceresearch.no), NORCE Energy, Laurent Bertino (Laurent.Bertino@nersc.no), Nansen Center, Remus Hanea (rhane@equinor.com), Equinor and University of Stavanger (UiS)

Call for abstract: Deadline Februrary 28, 2021
We welcome abstracts on both new developments and applications of data assimilation algorithms, including but not limited to, ensemble-based methods and other Bayesian and/or nonlinear approaches. Abstracts on applications are encouraged to discuss limitations and suggest further developments of the assimilation methods. The accepted abstracts will be scheduled for either oral presentation or poster presentation. This workshop does not publish full papers, so submission of full paper is not required. 

To facilitate the workshop organization, we encourage our participants to submit abstracts with full information of all authors (e.g., name, affiliation, etc.). About one page must be e-mailed to Xiaodong Luo (xluo@norceresearch.no).

Workshop dates:  June 07-11, 2021

Workshop program: Link.
Please note that the program uses the Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)

Zoom link to the workshop has been sent to all registered participants through an email. If you have not received that email yet, please directly contact Xiaodong Luo.
  • Suggestions to workshop speakers:
    • By default, we will record the presentations during the workshop and make them available online. However, if you do not want your presentations to be recorded or shared, please let us know.
    • We also plan to share the presentation slides as far as possible. If you are interested, please send us your slides either before or after the workshop.
    • The workshop has a very tight schedule. Please reserve at least around 5 minutes for possible questions and the transition to the next talk. 
  • Suggestions to workshop audience:
    • Please join with certain identity information (e.g., name + affiliation).
    • Please be aware that we plan to record the meeting as far as possible. If you do not want to be recorded during the meeting, please let us know.
    • During a talk, please set your microphone muted and camera off. You can turn them on if you want to ask questions in the Q&A part of the talk.
    • Please “Raise hand” before asking questions in the Q&A part of a talk; Alternatively, you can send your questions to Zoom’s “Chat” channel at any time of a talk. 
  • Discussion forum
    • We have created a separate Slack channel entitled “EnKF Workshop 2021” for chat and discussion (invitations to joining will be sent separately). Speakers and their audience can use it to continue their discussions after the talks. If you want to be invited to the Slack channel, please contact Xiaodong Luo (we will need your email for sending an invitation).
Workshop presentations: All available presentations can be found here.

Workshop Venue: Online

Workshop registration: Please use the following Google form: Link

Deadline for workshop registration: There is no registration deadline

Sponsor:    equinor-logo

Please contact Randi Valestrand (rava@norceresearch.no) if you want to sponsor the workshop.

Organizing committee: Xiaodong Luo (main contact person) (xluo@norceresearch.no), Randi Valestrand (rava@norceresearch.no) and Gro Rakner Meneilly (grme@norceresearch.no), NORCE


Contact information:
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, P.O.Box 22, 5838 Bergen, Norway, Phone no.: +47 56 10 70 00
Enterprise no.: 919 408 049