2016 Brakanes Hotel, Ulvik


JUNE 20-22, 2016

The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) and its many variants have been proven effective for data assimilation in large models, including those in atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, and petroleum reservoir systems. By bringing together technical experts, practitioners, researchers and students for presentations and informal interchange of information, we aim to share research results and suggest important challenges that have yet to be addressed. Read more here.

The 11th International EnKF workshop is arranged by IRIS in collaboration with the Nansen Center (NERSC), the Uni Research CIPR (CIPR) and Statoil.  

Invited speakers:
  • Arnold Heemink, TU Delft, Netherland; "Ensemble methods for variational data assimilation"
  • Alexander Barth, University of Liège, Belgium; "Local ensemble assimilation scheme with global constraints and conservation"
  • Raul Tempone, KAUST, Saudi Arabia; "A short overview of Multilevel Monte Carlo methods with applications in Ensemble Kalman Filtering"
  • Marc Bocquet, Université Paris-Est, France; "On the convergence of (ensemble) Kalman filters and smoothers onto the unstable subspace"
  • Remus Hanea, Statoil; "Recent developments and applications of Robust Optimization in Statoil, with an example of optimizing WAG strategies"

Scientific committee: Randi Valestrand (rv@iris.no), Xiaodong Luo (xilu@iris.no), IRIS, Alberto Carrassi (alberto.carassi@nersc.no), Nansen Center, Dean Oliver (dean.oliver@uni.no), Uni Research CIPR and Remus Hanea (rhane@statoil.com), Statoil

Call for abstract: Closed.

We welcome abstracts on both new developments of the EnKF and related data assimilation methods and realistic applications. The applications are encouraged to discuss limitations and suggest further developments of the method. The accepted abstracts will be scheduled for either oral presentation or poster presentation. This workshop does not publish full papers, so submission of full paper is not required. 

Workshop dates:  June 20. - 22. 2016

Program: Tentative program available here .

Venue: Brakanes Hotel, Ulvik (Hardanger)

How to get there (organized bus transport included in the fee):
Mon. June 20: Departure from Festplassen at 09:00. Arrival time in Ulvik; 11.30
Wed. June 22: Departure from Ulvik at 16:30. Arrival time Festplassen; 19:00

Cultural arrangement:
The workshop is located in one of the most famous fjords of Norway, the Hardangerfjord (read more about Hardangerfjord). Tuesday afternoon we will visit Lekve farm which is a fruit farm, apple juice and cider factory. They also have a restaurant. There will be a guided tour at the farm/factory before dinner.

**We recommend you to bring good shoes and comfortable clothes for this event since we plan to walk from the hotel. Also, the weather in Norway changes rapidly from sun to rain, so please bring some rain wear....

Registration is closed
Registration fee: 9950 NOK (all taxes included). This includes transport (bus) roundtrip Bergen - Ulvik, the conference, three lunches, two dinners and two nights at the hotel (20.- 22. June) and guided tour at Lekve Farm

Please notice:
- Due to the location it is not possible to registrate for the workshop without hotel.
- The registration is binding.

Deadline for registration: April 25th 2016.

Need accommodation prior/after ws?
If accommodation is needed in Bergen city prior or after the workshop, please contact following hotel: Scandic Byparken. Prices: Sunday June 19th - Monday June 20th: NOK 1045 per night. From Wednesday June 22nd to Thursday 23rd (or Friday 24th): NOK 1390 per night. Deadline for reservation: May 8th. Reservation code: BIRI190616.
Please notice:  The number of rooms is limited!

The 11th International EnKF Workshop is sponsored by: [statoil]

Please contact Randi Valestrand (rv@iris.no) if you want to sponsor the workshop.

Organizing committee: Randi Valestrand (rv@iris.no), Xiaodong Luo (xilu@iris.no) and Mette S.Myhre (mes@iris.no) IRIS