2006 Park Hotel, Voss


Workshop about Ensemble Kalman filter for updating of reservoir simulation models 
29 - 31 May 2006
Park Hotel, Voss 

Using ensemble Kalman filter for updating of reservoir simulation models has become increasingly popular over the last years. The methodology is very promising to build reservoir simulation models that are conditioned both on prior geostatistical information and production data. In addition, it is suitable for real time updating of reservoir simulation models which may have large implications for the whole reservoir management workflow.The interest in this methodology has resulted in several papers, and a lot of activity both within academia and industry. Still there are many challenging problems, and we will use this workshop to give the status of the research that has been performed and give inputs to the researchers and practitioners for their further work.  

By bringing together leading technical experts, practitioners, researchers and students for presentations and informal interchange of information we hope to accelerate the development of this area, by giving practitioners ideas of the possibilities of the methodology and the researchers feedback on the most important challenges that have to be addressed.  

The workshop is held in connection with the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) supported program "Continuous model updating using the ensemble Kalman filter with emphasis on complex reservoirs'' where the participants are CIPR, University of Bergen, IRIS, University of Oklahoma and University of Tulsa. The workshop will take place just before the steering committee meeting of ROAW, a multiclient IRIS project, supported both by industry partners and NRC, devoted to this topic. This means that the workshop provides an excellent opportunity to meet people both from industry and research institutions working in this area.  

The workshop is open for anyone interested in the topic, but to provide a forum for informal interchange of ideas, this will be a limited attendance meeting. 

Scientific committee: Geir Nævdal, IRIS and Sigurd Aanonsen, CIPR, UoB.  

Invited speakers:

Laurent Bertino, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center: "TOPAZ: a high-dimensional application of the EnKF to 3D ocean forecasting."
Geir Evensen, Norsk Hydro: "Application of the EnKF with a reservoir field model"
Dean Oliver, University of Oklahoma: "Application of ensemble-based filters for non-linear and non-gaussian problems"
Henning Omre, NTNU: "Scale-corrected ensemble Kalman filter"
Albert C. Reynolds , University of Tulsa: "Combining EnKF and Gauss-Newton"
Dongxiao Zhang , University of Oklahoma: "Dimension-reduced Kalman filter via Karhunen-Loeve and polynomial expansions"

Program available here

Location: Park Hotel, Voss. Registration includes stay at the hotel from May 29 - 31. (For information about the hotel, see www.parkvoss.no)

Travelling between Bergen and Voss: By train. 
Some of the departures are: Monday 29 May: From Bergen 16.12 or 17.12. Tuesday 30 May: From Bergen 6.58 or 7.58 (*). 
Wednesday 31 May: From Voss 14.35 (*). 
Travelling time is approximately 1 hour 15 min.
(*): Reservation recommended.  Reservation can be done at http://www.nsb.no

Information: Updated information will be posted on http://qp.rf.no/EnKFseminar

Organizing committee:   Geir Naevdal (gen@irisresearch.no ) and Mette S. Myhre (mes@irisresearch.no ), IRIS

Registration fee:   4000 NOK, which includes two nights at the hotel, two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. First dinner is at 19.00 Monday May 29.

Registration: Closed.

Please contact Mette S. Myhre (mes@irisresearch.no ) if you have any questions concerning registration.