2008 Park Hotel, Voss


Workshop about Ensemble Kalman filter for updating of reservoir simulation models 
18 - 20 June 2008
Park Hotel, Voss

Using ensemble Kalman filter for updating of reservoir simulation models has become increasingly popular over the last years. The methodology is very promising to build reservoir simulation models that are conditioned both on prior geostatistical information and production data. In addition, it is suitable for real time updating of reservoir simulation models which may have large implications for the whole reservoir management workflow. The interest in this methodology has resulted in a number of papers, and a lot of activity both within academia and industry. Still there are many challenging problems, and we will use this workshop to give the status of the research that has been performed and give inputs to the researchers and practitioners for their further work. This workshop will follow the lines of the workshops arranged the past two years .

By bringing together leading technical experts, practitioners, researchers and students for presentations and informal interchange of information we hope to accelerate the development of this area, by giving practitioners ideas of the possibilities of the methodology and the researchers feedback on the most important challenges that have to be addressed.

The workshop is arranged jointly by IRIS and CIPR, University of Bergen, in connection with the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) supported project "Continuous model updating using the ensemble Kalman filter with emphasis on complex reservoirs''. The participants of the project are CIPR, IRIS, University of Oklahoma, and University of Tulsa. The workshop provides an excellent opportunity to meet people both from industry and research institutions working in this area.

The workshop is open for anyone interested in the topic, but to provide a forum for informal interchange of ideas, the program committee reserves the right to restrict the number of participants.

Scientific committee: Geir Nævdal (gen@iris.no), Brice Vallès (bv@iris.no), IRIS and Sigurd Aanonsen (sigurd.aanonsen@cipr.uib.no), CIPR, UoB.

Invited speakers:
Akhil Datta-Gupta  (Texas A&M University):
"EnKF with coarse-scale constraints".
Dennis McLaughlin  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "Towards a feature-based approach to ensemble data assimilation".
Dean Oliver  (University of Oklahoma): "Improved initial sampling of realizations for EnKF".
Henning Omre  (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): "Hierarchical scale-corrected EnKF".
Al Reynolds  (University of Tulsa): "Integrating production and seismic data into Gaussian and pluri-Gaussian models".
Jan-Arild Skjervheim (StatoilHydro): "Applying the ensemble Kalman filter on complex North Sea reservoir models".
Andrew Stuart  (University of Warwick): "Data Assimilation in Fluid Mechanics: Mathematical Foundations and Effective Algorithms".

Financial support: This workshop has received financial support from The Norwegian Research Council through the PETROMAKS program.

Program available here

Poster session:
L. Bertino, K. A. Lisæter, Pavel Sakov* (NERSC), ”The TOPAZ forecasting system for the artic ocean”
Markus Krosche*, O. Pajonk (Scandpower), ”A software engineers view on the ensemble Kalman filter”
Christopher D. White* (Louisiana State Univ.), “Implementing the ensemble Kalman filter on a grid: work and dataflow issues”
Hans Wackernagel* (ENSMP), “Particle filter: application to early detection of influenza epidemics”
Dates:  June 18-20,2008. An extra night at the hotel can be arranged for participants who want to arrive in the evening June 17 (see the information about registration fee for details).

Location:  Park Hotel, Voss. Registration includes stay at the hotel from June 18 - 20. (For information about the hotel, see http://www.parkvoss.no/ ). The hotel is approx. 300 meters from the train station, see http://www.parkvoss.no/kart/fotopark.htm.

Transportation (between Bergen and Voss):  The easiest way to travel between Voss and Bergen is either by car or by train. By car, one should drive the road E16. The distance is approximately 100 kms and the time required about 1h30. The train covers the distance in 1h00 (express train) to 1h20 (local train). The train time tables can be viewed on the Norwegian State Railways website: NSB .

Note: On wednesday 18/06, there are two trains departing from Bergen and arriving in Voss in time for the workshop. They depart at 6h57 and 7h58, and arrive at 8h20 and 9h05, respectively. On friday 20/06, there are three possibilities by train right after the workshop, departing from Voss at 12h50, 13h12, and 13h43, and arriving in Bergen at 14h05, 14h22, and 14h52, respectively.

Cultural arrangement: Trip to Sivle Gard (Sivle farm) where we will experience the scenery and some of the Voss folklore. The farm lies in the protected landscape area of Nærøydalen part of the UNESCO's world heritage list. Transportation from and to the hotel will be by bus with a 15 minutes walk (easy) to the farm location. Note: those who want to take the tour to Naole from Sivle Gard should bring proper (sports/hiking) shoes!
The cultural arrangement is included in the fee.

Information:  General information will be posted on this webpage.

Organizing committee:  Geir Nævdal (gen@iris.no), Brice Vallès (bv@iris.no), and Mette S. Myhre (mes@iris.no ), IRIS.

Registration fee: 6250 NOK (all taxes included). This includes two nights at the hotel, two breakfasts, three lunches and two dinners. Accommodation from June 17-18 including breakfast, can be arranged for an extra fee of 900 NOK.

Since the workshop is in the high season we recommend you to book the hotel as soon as possible. If you wish to arrive earlier or stay longer, Mette S. Myhre can assist you with hotel reservations.

Registration:  Deadline May 15th.